Progressive Big Button Phones For Seniors – Snapfon ezTwo

Seniors have an advantage when it comes to mobile phones that fit their needs. Big button phones feature the basic necessity which is to be able to dial a phone number without having to run around in search of reading glasses. Seniors may also discover that the availability of other functions may be something they would be eager to learn on a more sophisticated easy to use big button phone.

Snapfons May Be The Logical Choice

Having the choice to select a mobile phone to get the job done is a benefit that is readily available to the elderly. Saving valuable time with just one push of a button to get in contact with a loved one is priceless, especially in an emergency situation.

  • Snapfon ezTwo has big and bold buttons that accomplishes the mission of serving a great purpose in helping seniors with the dialing function.
  • It contains eight Speed Dial buttons to enter the most important contacts to connect with just one push of a button.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Snapfon

The Snapfon ezTwo model has other highlights that could be helpful functions seniors will enjoy having on an easy to use cell phone. The choice is theirs when it comes to what’s important to them, individually.

  • The mobile phone has a built-in camera that performs very well. With its easy maneuverability, a myriad of happy memories could be snapped in an instant and enjoyed by many.
  • There is enough space to enter 250 names and phone numbers of family and friends. It offers a hands free speaker phone which is a convenient way to multi-task while speaking with one of the contacts.

Snapfons that offer other valuable features, besides big buttons, are progressive in providing seniors a broader selection to try out other functions as well. It provides seniors a choice of mobile phones to suit different lifestyles.


USA Retailer – EnableMart

Wise Store – UK Retailer

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