Doro 334 & Doro 610Doro is very much the market leader and the innovator, in the easy to use mobile phone market, or as they like to call it the care market. A Swedish public company which floats its shares on the Swedish stock exchange. Doro the company is an extremely professional business with a brand that stretches back almost 40 years. Currently their main focus seems to be on increasing the market dominance of the elderly/senior market with their health care solutions. Their main source of business comes from their easy to use, big button mobile phones for the elderly. Doro are very much at the forefront of research and development. There handsets usually incorporate the most advanced features. There range includes mobiles with Hearing Aid Compatibility, Tone Control, Bluetooth, 3G and more. But of course they also have the most basic handsets too! Sales of handsets are impressive; they are very much a global company and now have an established presence on all five of the worlds continents. This was achieved after setting up distribution in its first South America country in Chile. Handsets from this manufacturer are generally at the higher price point as this premium is charged due to established brand and added peace of mind you get from purchasing a product from Doro; the first super brand of the easy to use mobile phone market.

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