Count On What’s Most Important In A Mobile Phone – Bierley

Trusting that your mobile phone has features you can count on is a convenience that can’t be beaten. A user-friendly phone like the Bierley big button mobile phone could be an asset to carry around so that you’ll be able to connect effectively with family.

The Easy To Use Bierley Big Button Mobile Phone  

The ease of understanding how a mobile phone functions is important to most people, especially seniors. A cell phone that delivers a smooth approach when it comes to clearly hearing the person on the other end, and functioning great in emergencies, is a winner.

  • Bierley’s one push setting to set off a function is a smart idea when it comes to having a quicker response time with a task. If you have difficulty seeing the small font on a text message, with one press of the magnifying button the font widens big enough for you to read the message you received.
  • One of the innovative features Bierley offers is the emergency button. In an emergency, the call button will function with the phone off. It’s a dual button that will turn the phone on and at the same time dial your emergency contact. It eliminates the first step in having to turn your phone on first, then pressing again to communicate with your emergency contact.

Listen To The Radio With Ease

Many people enjoy listening to the radio and prefer it to programmed music. With a radio they are able to hear the news and stay tuned to current events in between music selections.

  • Bierley’s big button mobile phones offer a radio for your listening pleasure. It’s easily accessible so that you could tune in quickly.
  • The highlight of the radio is its built-in loud speaker so the hearing impaired could catch up with current events and listen to their favorite radio station as well.

When it comes to innovative ideas, Bierley’s big button mobile phone is useful to seniors who appreciate mobile phones that operate to make their lives easier, especially in an emergency situation.


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