Amplicomms m6000 and the Amplicomms m4000 (Silver)As of June 2011 Amplicomms became the new trading name of Amplicom. Amplicom has historically been their trading name in the UK and the name Audioline has predominantly been used in Europe. An established German company with offices throughout Europe, Amplicomms is a market leader with a history of almost 20 years. Prior to their influence in the easy to use, big buton mobile phone market, Audioline has been producing a wide range of electrical devices for the German business and consumer market. Their success is displayed in the fact that over 10 million Audioline devices have found there way into German homes and businesses. Amplicomms has traditionally been praised on its superb build quality. Its initial handsets had a superb and almost non existent defective rate. Their accessible handsets can also be fairly described as fantastic value for money. Amplicomms mobile phones include advanced features for the elderly such as tone control and hearing aid compatibility. Extensive research and development is clearly an important part of the brand.

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Easy to Use, Big Button Mobile Phones for the Elderly from Amplicomms